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 Dennis Ross 

Original folk-rock duo




The Band


Starting in January 2016, Josh Machan and Ryan Whitworth began jamming together through mutual friends. Eventually starting to play cover shows at local venues, the two blossomed into an official band titling themselves "Dennis Ross".

 Through a love of stage performance and creating original music the two bonded and began focusing on writing. While still in their genesis, they planned a cross Canada tour to get the word out there and see the coast.

Josh and Ryan set out to Nova Scotia along side good friend and media guru Geoff Taylor. What was still a band in its infant stages became a recognizable force to be reckoned with. Closing out shows like the Golden X Inn, Antigonish and Kenzington's, Orillia the two were able to create "a huge sound" for minimal people onstage. The result was the realizing that this could go somewhere... 

Currently publishing a self titled album, Dennis Ross is embarking on releasing more content and planning more tours as the album grows into maturity. As their writing progresses so do they, so don't sit still because this band sure doesn't



All content is produced by Takeover Media, in association with Takeover Records and Geoff Taylor publishing. 

I caught up with my good friends in Dennis Ross (and Bella the band mascot) to film a cover of "Agape" by Bear's Den. We have a lot of cool things planned for this summer, so stay tuned for more releases!




Joshua Machan

Born and raised in Stayner Ontario,  Josh has been playing music his whole life. Since the age of four, Josh was in music for young children and hated every minute of it. Though Josh had an underlying love for performance and entertaining, piano was not his thing. It wasn't until the age of eight where Josh was gifted a beginners drum set after graduating from pots and pans. His combined rhythmic learning in tandem with music for young children allowed him to progress into melodic instruments quite easily. Josh recently graduated with a Bachelors of Business Administration out of St. Francis Xavier University and having performed weekly at the Golden X Inn is ready to join with his counterpart Ryan to produce original folk music and share it with everyone who cares to hear it. 


Ryan Whitworth 

From an early age this musical prodigy was raised in Orillia, Ontario and has been apart of the musical community as long as he can remember. With fond memories of jamming with siblings and learning harmonies Ryan, the shy guy, has always allowed other to seek the lime light while he adds the back bone for a great performance. Being versatile on many instruments and understanding the finer beauty in music, Ryan provides Dennis Ross with the structure and melodies it shares.